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Bostik set its target for 2010 TRIR at 2.4 incidents per million man hours worked and, although the actual figure was 2.55, this represented a significant improvement over the 2009 figure of 3.23.

The company’s ‘Go Home Safe’ course was completed by 600 employees in 2010. In addition, all team leaders and safety representatives now have formal Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) qualifications. The Management System was updated in the year to introduce a tenfold increase in the level of safety auditing. Monthly reporting of lead safety indicators and site safety action lists were also introduced. The result was a 20% reduction in TRIR in 2010.

A number of other steps have been taken to reinforce the safety message. Clearer traffic ways to separate people and vehicles were implemented at both sites and information was made more visual. In addition, asbestos has been removed from affected buildings, a new fire detection panel has been installed at the Leicester site and the emergency response teams have been provided with new equipment. The company was also asked to lead a safety training event for the rest of Bostik in Europe as it is recognised as a front-runner in this area within the company.


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