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Total Petrochemicals finalised its process safety quantitative risk assessment of people both on and off its site and will discuss the results with neighbouring businesses. It also introduced the requirement for all managers, shift managers and supervisors to be trained to level 2 of the National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH). Full training was carried out and will continue.

In addition, the company introduced its ‘Ensure Safe Transport’ scheme. All the company’s finished products are transported by road vehicle and the new scheme makes sure that all vehicles and trailers are fit for purpose ensuring that relevant weights and loads are clearly and correctly marked. All staff involved in vehicle handling are trained to NVQ level 2 and are authorised to reject unsuitable vehicles. An improved lanyard system was introduced for staff and contractors to prevent falls. A new smart scan system was fitted to the fast packer pallet loader; this has sensors in six places with full curtain protection so that any intrusion into the working area will immediately stop the process and prevent serious injury.


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