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The Nuggets field consists of four isolated subsea wells within four gas-bearing accumulations. It is located in the Northern North Sea, 400km north-east of Aberdeen and 20km south of the Dunbar platform. The Nuggets reservoirs contain dry gas (99% methane) with a low proportion of condensate and water. It currently produces around 165 million standard cubic metres of gas per day.


The Nuggets wells are controlled from the Dunbar platform and are linked by subsea pipelines to Alwyn North. From Alwyn, the gas is exported via the Frigg UK pipeline to our St Fergus Gas Terminal near Peterhead.

Nuggets Fact Sheet


Block Number :
3/19a, 3/19b, 3/20a, 3/18, 3/24a, 3/24c, 3/25a; UK sector
License Number :
P.239, P.118, P.491, P.090
Licensees :
TOTAL E&P UK Limited (operator) 100%
Location :
400km north-east of Aberdeen (approx 40-70 km south of Alwyn)
Field Discovered :
N1 - 1972
N2 - 1989
N3 - 1991
N4 - 1974 (development underway)
Production Start :
Type :
Subsea wells
Water Depth :
Varies between 110-125m
Reservoir Depth :
1,650 m approx
Production :
165 million standard cubic feet of gas per month approx (from N1, N2 and N3)
expected to be 5.95 million standard cubic metres of gas per day with N4