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Mapa Spontex UK

Mapa Spontex is one of the world’s leading brand names in household products, ranging from mops and sponges to cloths and scouring pads. It’s also the world leader for the manufacture and distribution of gloves used in the home and in industry.

Mapa Spontex UK has two divisions:

Retail (

Professional (

Our Retail Division markets a wide range of consumer products from cleaning tools – such as cloths, scourers, sponges and rubber gloves – under the Spontex brand and retailer private labels, to baby feeding accessories – such as bottles, teats and soothers – under the NUK brand. There are also a number of peripheral ranges in the portfolio including body care products sold under the Calypso brand.

Our Professional Division markets a wide range of industrial and specialist   gloves that provide protection from dirt, abrasion, heat and chemicals. These gloves are sold under the Mapa brand through a large number of distributors.

In addition, the Mapa Advantech product range provides personal hand protection and safety in the workplace at the same time as protecting the product within critical environments.

Furthermore, his division also markets Spontex janitorial and industrial cleaning products providing surface cleaning solutions in the professional environment.

Mapa Spontex worldwide

Consumer products -

Mapa Spontex is the world leader for the manufacture and distribution of household gloves. It is also producer of Spontex, one of the world’s leading brands for household products.

Mapa Spontex has 33 locations worldwide in the following countries (p= production, s=sales): France (ps), Czech Republic (ps), Germany (ps), Hungary (ps), Italy (ps), Spain (ps), Austria (s), Netherlands (s), Poland (s), Slovakia (s), Slovenia (s), UK (s), USA (ps), Argentina (ps), Brazil (ps), Uraguay (ps), Mexico (ps), Malaysia (ps) and Sri Lanka (p).

Babycare products  (NUK, Tigex and Allegre Puériculture) –

There are four Mapa Spontex babycare product locations in the following countries (p=production, s=sales):

France (ps), Germany (ps), Spain (s), and Hong Kong (s).